Friday, 20 March 2020

In the company of the soothing voice of Sarah Gray.

There was one day, earlier this week, that felt like we were still in what we knew but we were entering into what we really didn't know. A transition, a borderline, a precipice.  I sat with Sarah Gray in Soundart Radio's recording studio, creating a programme, talking for an hour about drawing.

We were just getting used to constant handwashing, not really hugging, feeling a bit weird.... little did we know the world was going to get even weirder.
Sound Art had to close the next day.  I had to cancel all my work.  And then there were no baked beans left on the shelf. ...

I keep drawing. .....

This is a message in a bottle from that day.

For more soulful, nutritious, wise and delicious work from Sarah she is here

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