Sunday, 17 November 2013

'I phone' but I can also sketch.  Have waited soooooo long to be
able to do this out and about with my finger on a screen.  
Vague memories of Kate Smith and her notion of this 
screen contact; a direct, instinctive, mark rather than a 
divorce from a sensual experience of drawing
(a common perception of all things digital).

Monday, 26 August 2013

I have just realised the importance of documentation.   How many moments have I forgotten.  How much 'past' is out there in the ether, lost.
I always berate myself for not recording my work.  Not having enough evidence.  But in my family life I am too much in the moment to really want to record it.  I found this and some other little sequences in the dusty corner of my laptop and I have to say - I have regretted not recording more.
The paradox - miss the moment behind a lens or miss the moment forever......    

    (I can't get the video to upload on this post.   It illustrates my point perfectly, however, I am too full of red wine recently procured from a wonderful adventure with my little beasts in France to deal with technology.  I wish I could control this medium in the same way as a pencil. x

Friday, 8 February 2013

Long time no see!

I found this on a wall near our first house here in Devon.  The wall has gone now.  I'm glad I had the photo.  I keep trying to remember everything all the time, desperately document my thoughts and memories, clinging to ideas lest they evaporate.  It's very stressful!  Current learning curve - let it go.  If it's important it will come back.

I'm not creating a great deal at the moment. Professionally I'm off grid! Blogging has fallen by the wayside somewhat.  I have been working in a school with a boy who needs one to one support.  I'm so lucky because we are free to plan our timetable according to how he is dealing with his emotions.  This means we are not too restricted and we spend a lot of time using art to work on the things he needs to deal with.  Doubly lucky that he enjoys drawing as much as I do.  We're doing ok.

The other bit of lucky business going on is my role as mentor to another artist, Sarah Scaife.  This opportunity has been bliss.  We are very alike and understand each other.  Her way of working is incredibly original and I love it.  Although she considers me to be giving to her, I am getting so much out of it too.  Rather than getting sucked into the primary education system and wrinkling up like an old pot of cheap poster paint I am still keeping one large foot in the critical art world.  My faith remains in tact.

So things change.  Life moves on.  But I still feel at home, which is an important topic at the moment as Sarah's project is called Home Truths.  I'll elaborate as soon as possible................

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