Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Notes Page 2 (bonus material)

(Drawing) is said to demonstrate the relationship between reason and intuition, between sensory perception, interpretation and the process of understanding.
From Drawing Now Introduction, Tracey (2007)

This one sentence clicked it all into place (until it shifts again...*exasperation*).

It's a subtly different statement to what we understand of drawing (as a thinking tool, a method of expression, a performative act etc).  Could it be that drawing is the bridge to or the key for the space between reason and intuition.
Could I experiment with holding both linear constraints and  non-linear thinking style in order to exist comfortably in the space between.

Do my drawings, held by formal systems yet rejecting the very conventions describe this space?

Like the sense of freedom from repetition and routine it holds things steady while exploration and experimentation happen?

Roots and Wings.

It's not a contradiction or a paradox but a potent liminal space to be in.

Is it possible to excavate how drawing creates this?

Part of Pedestrian has been walking as drawing, each foot lands as a plot or dot.  I imagine a line
. ________________._______________.___________.     in between each stride: connecting. In this process  I gain understanding via the context of drawing systems: a lens to see through when walking and this serves as a constraint. It enables me to play with the walking and be led by it, intuitively into the yet unknown.  In the liminal space between constraints and 'wilderness' I find both structure for reason and fluidity of exploration.

Notes Page 2

Collapsed cat's cradle.
3d to 2d.

Squashed under paper it was once a shape in space.
It was a continual thing.          I like the conversation it creates with just hands.
It needed two people talking shapes to continue it.
Now trapped in time.  Suspended on a plane. Yet still talking of its journey and a continuous story of  looped thread.

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