Friday, 20 July 2012


Following a harrowing few weeks of emotional turmoil I have tentatively been putting myself back together again.  The Blog has been neglected so I thought I would begin to talk again, slowly.  It seemed my work had flatlined slightly, or my feelings about it had.  There have been immensely deep changes in my soul and it simultaneously dislodged debris from my over-academic-over-analysing-aspiring-ego.
Take time, I told myself.  Let the work flow.  Look at the work already made.  See it with fresh eyes.  So I stopped, looked and saw that my emotions are ever present in the work.  That it speaks of that space in all of us where tranquility and serenity hides.  The best thing is that the work itself shows me where to go. I don't have to THINK...... I am just feeling now.

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