Saturday, 22 February 2020

Drawing Surgery ii

The surgery was so lovely. It was great to be with a mix of generations, all drawing. We helped each other, made connections, laughed, conquered fears!  Happy place.  The next one is Thursday 10-12 at the People's Cafe, The Mansion, Totnes. ALL WELCOME bring something to draw with (I have supplies if you don't have anything) and it's just pay what you feel.

Ceni was so inspired by the breakthrough she made in drawing portraits that she cannot stop and sent me this from her now bulging sketchbook. She has really made use of suggested lines on the hood. She got skills that woman! So we started tackling portraits by doing some continuous line drawings of faces opposite us (without looking down on the paper) and she just ran with it and loved it and now it's energised her drawing as you can see.

Sunday, 16 February 2020

Drawing Surgery

There's a little cafe in the Mansion in Totnes, right under Studio 1 called the People's Cafe. We're going to be there every Thursday 10-12 to meet and chat and draw and I'll be on hand to guide, inspire, motivate and support with anything drawing related.  Just pay what you feel. Here is the badly rendered poster for it.... ...                     One of the best things to come out of any drawing course is the sense of community the group feels. I know I struggle to work in isolation and the times when I've been most happy and productive have been as part of a cohort. I wanted to extend this out of the constraints of the courses.  And create an informal group that sustains a               philosophy of learning, developing, growing, exploring, experimenting and being through drawing. So I hope to see some of you there. Absolutely ALL welcome.

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