Friday, 4 March 2011

My son drew along the lines of his palm and it inspired so many further 'lines' of enquiry for me.
When I will get the chance to follow them, I do not know, but I thought if I documented it here they would stand more of a chance of growing to fruition than inside my head.
Apart from the visual research what intrigues me is the pragmatic reduction of a superstitious activity of reading palms. If I dealt with narrative in my work I might be tempted to pursue this idea but as it is there is enough in the simplicity of it being a negative of a print.....that the lines are readymade......that the drawing is now gone........that the drawing is worn.....that his father is a tattooist (yikes!)

The line of least resistance.

  I love lines. They are secure. Hand rails. They keep the journey on track. For the moment at least. Lines can be questionable but f...