Monday, 26 August 2013

I have just realised the importance of documentation.   How many moments have I forgotten.  How much 'past' is out there in the ether, lost.
I always berate myself for not recording my work.  Not having enough evidence.  But in my family life I am too much in the moment to really want to record it.  I found this and some other little sequences in the dusty corner of my laptop and I have to say - I have regretted not recording more.
The paradox - miss the moment behind a lens or miss the moment forever......    

    (I can't get the video to upload on this post.   It illustrates my point perfectly, however, I am too full of red wine recently procured from a wonderful adventure with my little beasts in France to deal with technology.  I wish I could control this medium in the same way as a pencil. x


Hello from Gloriously Sunny Devon! Things are very exciting for me at the moment. I'm thriving, as is my beautiful garden...