Monday, 19 March 2018



All the information for the Embodied Experience of Drawing is on here, Marie has been a geek and a half and created a seamless sync between it all.
We now have the whole list of contributors - provisional schedule up soon.


Marie and I are busy collaborating, discussing, planning, sharing, basically: in-dialogue.
The theme of symposium, of conference is our starting point. It's playing out in a conversation between our practices.

Sunday, 25 February 2018

carbon paper is magic

the shopping and books and carbon paper - next steps.
i've been looking at the use of carbon paper and how to substitute that for graphite (rubbed over and over to create a film that can then be used to 'print'.  i like the alchemy of graphite and the transference of energy.  when I'm stalking someone through traces they've left in a book i like the idea that energy is continued in the process by the material use of graphite.  it's not just a conceptual piece but explores the physical, material, process.

 imagine my astonishment on discovering ......


this is work by MOLLY SPRINGFIELD who has a whole project called The Marginalia Archive. weird feeling to seeing work so close to my own.  different approaches, but soooo related and yet more thoroughly executed, she focusses on the one process for a long time and creates a large body of work out of it.  i have been experimenting and dancing around many many ideas without yet landing on one area and developing further. Her presentation is slick...

had it just been the annotated texts being used as material i would have thought this coincidence enough but the shopping receipts captured in the drawing above were uncanny.

we are on different sides of the atlantic. i only discovered her when a friend recommended i look at her work because it is similar. if i had the time i would start a new strand to my research about the possibility of a pre-determined trajectory when the research combines drawing, text and generative processes. the outcome is bound to be a common one if we use texts from ordinary life.  the process we have used is scarily similar but as i look more closely i see huge differences in our approaches and concerns. which is comforting, i have to say! but on first glance it's a bit of a spine tingler....

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