Monday, 15 November 2010

No studio. Drought. Some ideas but nothing coming out. What if my well is dry forever?
I have been interested in the documentational aspect to all drawing. It records. It all records. Lovely mentor Kate's work is ALL documentation. Tracking her moves, marking her time. I thought mine was but it seems to be a material. The drawings become pieces of sculpture, or installation ingredients. What is documented hasn't been the focus. The space and the changing/altering/highlighting of that space has shone over the mark itself. I still cling to objects. The paper and pencil and the mark - all objects. What is the distinction between that and a drawing in a frame. We look past the medium, don't see the pencil mark we see the idea or the image being conveyed.
However underneath it is all still documentation. A record of an idea of an image. A proof of the moment(s) in time in which the exchange between artists hand and material happened.
I'm just fretting about where to take it now, this awareness of archiving. Cause right now the only record of these ideas is in my memory and that isn't too reliable. Time to get drawing. Make a space. And don't get me on the one about whether the photographic documentation of work creates a new piece or merely records the original one....


Hello from Gloriously Sunny Devon! Things are very exciting for me at the moment. I'm thriving, as is my beautiful garden...