Thursday, 20 September 2012

Goodbye High Cross House

This week I cleared out the studio at High Cross.  It's been over six months and spanned three seasons since I moved in.  I saw a whole field get ploughed, planted and harvested with massive corn plants over my trips to and fro.
These two images are some of the last that came out.  They really have the essence of my experience of the residency.  I'm going to miss it tremendously.  Not least because the project I was going to has fallen through so I am without a space to work again.  But in a deep way the house has moved, inspired and motivated me.  The whole of the legacy of the Dartington Estate has affected me to realise my own potential and also to remember the power of progressive thought.
A collection of like minded, expansive thinkers has the energy to create such an amazing environment and the ripples are continuous.
I could have used the space more inventively, I thought in retrospect - some of the more experimental sculptural ideas didn't come off - but to be honest I am happy with the journey I took. The time there encouraged me to actually go inside myself and find the natural voice and let it to resonate quietly between the walls and out of the window around the amazing trees and sky and fields.
So now the challenge is to keep the momentum of this work and create some new opportunities.  I'm looking for a studio, embarking on a printmaking workshop to learn some new things (so excited!) and cooking up some little ideas for happenings to explore.  When one door closes another couple open.....

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