Friday, 9 January 2015

New Year

I'm excited.  I have dropped a day from my job and so I am galvanised, determined and full of ideas.  I promised myself I would blog every Friday come rain or shine, artist block or blank or blues.  Now there is room to breath and create.

Some lines and more lines from a morning walk....

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One thing that I need to discuss - I started re-reading Steppenwolf over the holidays.  It's something I tried as a weird, depressed 17 year old and couldn't cope with it.   Apparently I still can't cope with it. The dark beginning coincided with my own grey, bleak reaction to life at the difficult time of Christmas (an annual affliction for me) so I sank deep down, horribly low.  I kept reading and I'm almost near the end, now completely enchanted and it's making me want to talk about it.  Has anyone experienced this bizarre and fascinating book? Is anyone nuts enough to have actually read it?!!!!

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