Wednesday, 8 June 2011

First batch of mail order drawings.

A pilot for a project based on posting a sketch made in words to artists around the country with the instructions to render the words back into a drawing in pencil marks.

The writing of the 'word drawing' has been very problematic. The initial stage of a drawing is looking and I wanted at first to describe the scene as I would interpret it to draw it. In a flattened series of lines.

As it happens the text has now become a description of a further stage. That of the mark making and a thought process or two down the line. It almost tells the story of how the drawing comes into existence. Not really happy about this, it needs to be far more vague and objective. And so I'll wait for the first batch to be returned and analyse the findings. Terminology aside the scope for pathways into discussions around cognitive drawing ideas and on another track the collaboration involved in this one (eventual) installation - which will raise questions around authorship - are already causing me to lose track of myself. So it is potentially a very exciting and full project for me.

It has taken such a long time to get to this point though. Took me six weeks to suss out what type of paper to send to the artists for them to draw on!!!! It's so fundamental to the end result.......

The project is intended for an exhibition in Sheffield called Pandemic (

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