Sunday, 19 September 2010

This lovely artwork has been produced for the Derby Big Draw brochure, it's by Emma Reading.
The more I look at it the more I see.
The festival begins on the 1st October with a launch party and opening of 'Scribble and Scrawl'. Kate Smith Jane Dearden, Tracey Meek and myself all showing work at the Crompton, Crompton Street, Derby.
We've worked so hard to get everything off the ground and there is still so much to do.
The exciting bit will be occupying an empty shop for the month with No Parking (my creative family) and turning what was La Senza - a knicker and bra store - into a drawing space. It's 48 St Peter's St Derby.
I've had lots and lots of help lately, generous people giving time and energy and skill to this project so I am really determined to give back somehow.
Derby is brimming with talent. We need to show more of it off. x

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