Sunday, 29 August 2010

The Archers' Omnibus

Kate Smith has introduced me to this software. Drawing with sound. Sort of. ....this is Jennifer and Brian discussing their troubles...There are lots of other links like this on the Derby Big Draw website -

Counting down for trip to Brighton for the Drawing Research Network conference. So excited. Like Christmas Eve. But better.
Haven't been able to blog anything of any worth for a long while. I have been so pre-occupied with organising the Derby Big Draw festival - - which has been a real learning curve. It is going to happen on NO money but an awful lot of goodwill and drawing passion. It's quite easy to lose sight of the real reason I wanted it to happen in the first place and that is just to create some spaces where people can have a little personal adventure with drawing and all its amazing benefits...
Keep the faith x

I'm currently blogging over on It's a repository for my developing PhD research The Graphic M...