Friday, 16 March 2012


the furrows driven into my brow
are deeper than yours, field
both of a similar hand
yet yours will heal
you will mend
grow new skin
from good strong stuff
will I

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Pencil power by my eldest boy Tom.  We found a hole made by teenagers and their trusty lighters.  Tom put the pencil in there.  He's good.

word soup

Today's list
Marks recording the rhythm line quietness (type of marks: line, modernist blocks of tone) The grid
Space and time response to space environment
dialogue with drawing breaking conventions
Shadow work (daily ritual/time passing...)
Rubbings of trees (daily multiple)
carbon paper
order over chaos order over nature (seeds individually drawn)
INDEXICAL skin of the house (also conversations recorded) /archictect plans
House home machine for living ornament as crime (take some craft back in?) drawing stitch?
Wire outside. Crotched wire... in shape of shadow. Stitched paper sculptures, inside of window reproduced etc.
Use something specific in the house to work from - stitch wise
Language of mark (calligraphic enquiry) mark verses calligraphic code

Sound shapes.  Wind in trees movement animation and car slicing through


Sylvia journal (is a blog in any other sense) Honesty, no secrets or editing

Feet walking enquiry into walking maps footprints sketches of feet walking in time marching pace rhythm collecting marks of footfall.

And trim with a sharpened pencil the branches
that serve no purpose

head full of stuff

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