Sunday, 28 March 2010

The installation of One Step Beyond began last week. Puzzling over problems, settling the theories down within the space. I am constantly negotiating with myself. Questioning absolutely everything.

It's obvious to me now I have been on a self destruct trip. A rather dangerous but effective device for pushing your practice! That I will be drawing in the gallery is a huge step out of my (excuse the cliche) comfort zone. That I will be creating a work that is potentially very challenging in public is new territory. That I continuously choose to react to the space rather than hang a finished work all points to the underlying (subconscious) method I adopt of suffering through and for the work. The work usually stands alone without me. In my darker moments I imagine the direct onslaught of negativity from viewers, feedback usually tempered via the medium of a comments book. This need to authenticate work with evidence of its duration, struggle, devotion and humility is another subject but it is ruminating underneath. As I said a very dangerous, but effective method for pushing your practice. Work travels, how much we direct it and how much we react to the journey is a delicate balance.

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