Saturday, 2 December 2017

Notes Page 16 tutorial

A tutorial.

I return to the beginnings to try and explain everything. The shopping lists get pulled out from all of the other dross. It's the simplest - yet strongest - has the most potential and can funnel the other theories and ideas. Some of the notes:

  • .. ..creating  practices based within everyday experience, especially relating to walking and shopping.
  • There are important questions of spatial and temporal organisation that are implied by the different kinds of depiction. 
  • You are working in a conceptualist way which I think is developing some stimulating experiments. You can translate these working methods into more ‘realised’ images – this will be an interesting way of testing the boundaries of your practice. 
  • using words alongside your mark-making projects. 
  • There is something useful about the way that shopping lists overlap with the poetic memory experiments. 
  • presenting the work? it might be that you need to create conundrums about the location of the work. 
  • These questions about presentation are integral to your practice.

Kim miraculously helps me refocus and revives a mode of provocation.  I begin to get that the point is to utilise the one piece/experiment as a lens to view through.  I can expand/explore freely through it but by returning/reviewing, as you would with a viewfinder when drawing, it will hopefully keep some clarity.   I begin to sketch the significant themes through this frame; the everyday (and pedestrianism), memory (specifically archiving/capturing memory), drawing ( - line, repetition, ambiguity, interzone and more.....) and above all really questioning/provoking presentation/communication of process and conceptual art and I start to feel solid ground for the first time in ages.  

I look back on my latest abstract.  I can see how much of a sudden shift this new perspective has caused. Unable to articulate what it is exactly but knowing it has something to do with locating myself in the actual material practice rather than the theory/idea of it. Inside out rather than outside in? Research through practice not practice through research? I realise how far off I was and how myopic things can get by trying to wedge ideas into theories/fields definitively. There is a way of contextualising that locates but doesn't make it absolute and that skill evades me.......

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