Friday, 13 October 2017

Pedestrian Notes Page 1

I'm using the working title Pedestrian for current research.  The kernal of this (a project titled Pastoral) is being revisited through the lens of being (a) pedestrian ALL of my life to hopefully expand my original proposal:

A study of lines investigated under the terms of drawing in order to challenge the layers of linear systems in the real and metaphorical world.

pedestrian |pɪˈdɛstrɪən| nouna person walking rather than travelling in a vehicle: the road is so dangerous pedestrians avoid it | [as modifier] :  a pedestrian bridge.adjectivelacking inspiration or excitement; dull: disenchantment with their pedestrian lives.

Been doing some plotting.... of my shopping trips and other routines and desire lines and pedestrian routes.

And have enjoyed lots of FOLDING......
planes; flat ones and paper to make 4d drawings? How to understand Foucalt.
The fold as a '4d thing'.  The constancy of all time and possiblilities at once.
Somehow this has to relate to the non plan, non map, non sense challenge of linear systems I've been railing against after realising I am in fact adapting constantly to a linear process (in my practice, research, my wider life).

And pricking.....
(because I think it was Klee who said a line is the distance between two points)
(and so where's the line if we just have points?)
(and don't quote me because it could just have easily been Kandinsky or even Whitehead and I'm writing in a space miles away from my copious notes and can't remember exactly..)

So it seems fairly disjointed, tenuously linked and chaotic right now and this is the tip of the iceberg: a tiny selection from pages and pages of notes and ideas.  The temptation to focus it all using a...
linear |ˈlɪnɪə| adjective1 arranged in or extending along a straight or nearly straight line: linear movement. consisting of or predominantly formed using lines or outlines: simple linear designs. involving one dimension only: linear elasticity. Mathematics able to be represented by a straight line on a graph:linear functions. Mathematics involving or exhibiting directly proportional change in two related quantities: linear relationship.
2 progressing from one stage to another in a single series of steps; sequential: a linear narrative. 

...approach is strong.  Fear of losing the ideas, of revealing the whole experience when researching through practice (where practice for me IS me), OF GETTING LOST makes it all feel very vulnerable.


Now I am a student again.

Orientating.  No map.  New territory.
Found the library.  Safe.
Stuff to remember piling up in my memory.
Tried to download by making lists.
There are no lines to follow.
It's crazy paving.

Some images from my induction week.

 from a wall in a life drawing room

 from a donkey in the same 
                                                                     life drawing room

 my allocated space *home*

 my wall in my allocated space *home*

Friday, 21 April 2017

The inside of my head

over the period of a year i recorded how i felt on index cards every morning

i  also made a daily drawing of my right hand

i have yet to analyse this year as data

and correlate the findings

i am presuming the marks will reveal a clue to my feelings on any given day elaborating what is written in words 

Daily Bread

each day i draw bread


a large canvas placed in my hallway for a few months
everytime i pass i wipe a pencil along it
everytime the dog passes she shakes the river dart all over it
i have begun to erase the tracks of the pencil as i make more
the family traffic disturbs more of them
i try to find them again
tracing them with another pencil

the constant search for the track or path to follow is redolent of my current existence
as i repeatedly register and re-register the lines there emerges an index of preformed routes
the research is ongoing
the findings are not conclusive
they just lead to more lines

and then the lines become words here

the niggling issues emerge as i work
i made a border of masking tape and so although this is an experimental investigative piece i still employed formalities like a clean framed boundary and a canvas support
i am uncomfortable about the need to use a pencil
the generation of marks should emerge directly from the family movement
it feels as though a step has been breached


Map of desire lines

Saturday, 9 April 2016