Friday, 21 April 2017


a large canvas placed in my hallway for a few months
everytime i pass i wipe a pencil along it
everytime the dog passes she shakes the river dart all over it
i have begun to erase the tracks of the pencil as i make more
the family traffic disturbs more of them
i try to find them again
tracing them with another pencil

the constant search for the track or path to follow is redolent of my current existence
as i repeatedly register and re-register the lines there emerges an index of preformed routes
the research is ongoing
the findings are not conclusive
they just lead to more lines

and then the lines become words here

the niggling issues emerge as i work
i made a border of masking tape and so although this is an experimental investigative piece i still employed formalities like a clean framed boundary and a canvas support
i am uncomfortable about the need to use a pencil
the generation of marks should emerge directly from the family movement
it feels as though a step has been breached

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  1. Hey chick, loving this time piece. You are so inspiring and dedicated. Xx