Friday, 25 May 2012

A test version of a piece that I want to make. I want it to be about 8ft tall by 8ft diameter.  Working out the materials and fabrication is a bit frustrating...... It has to be outside but I want it to have the thinness of paper. And I need to get in and out to do the drawing as performance.

This old pianola roll fluttered in the breeze today.   To hear it making a noise after its time spent silent was beautiful.  I often wonder about the sounds it used to make.  It sits there with all the potential and expectation of movement and sound but I usually have to imagine it.  

Friday, 18 May 2012

the sound of it all

One of the experimental digital sketches exploring marking of the sound of the words collected by visitors in response to High Cross. 

and on a Friday morning we have a drink and draw (nothing stronger than coffee I'm afraid to say) and Sarah gently got us all sharing drawings........ bliss.

The Embodied Experience of Drawing 2018

A short glimpse into The Embodied Experience of Drawing  2018 Credit: Stuart Bewsey