Thursday, 21 June 2012

Off the page...

Am planning an experimental collaboration with voice artist Shelley Hodgson
It will take place on Wednesday 11th July from 10am on Shelley's radio show on
More info to follow.

for some reason the link to Shelley's blog won't work but I'll get it up asap because she is well worth getting to know, I promise you!!!!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Recently began thinking about landscapes, internal and external.  I've been drawing some fairly ordinary observational sketches.  It's cool to get back to meditating on something, letting it speak for itself.  I have been holding on too tightly to ideas and theories lately but in letting them go I think they are coming back more comfortably.
Lots of pressure is not a good thing.  Sometimes it forces me to focus but at the moment it is pushing me under.  Having an open studio raises a few pressures and hurdles that I have managed to avoid in the past.  Like when to sell and what to sell and how to feel if it's not selling......  I haven't made work to sell for a long time and suddenly it has become an issue - surely I should be making a direct living out of what I do.  Two minutes into this mindset and I unravel.  When someone approaches me to buy something I kind of talk them out of it.  I can't work out why.  Inferior frames, lack of self worth, attachment to my work which is somehow part of myself.  Artists are notoriously bad business people but I am astonishingly rubbish!!!!  So I am going to work on this over the next few weeks, any tips gratefully received.....

The Embodied Experience of Drawing 2018

A short glimpse into The Embodied Experience of Drawing  2018 Credit: Stuart Bewsey