Friday, 16 March 2012


the furrows driven into my brow
are deeper than yours, field
both of a similar hand
yet yours will heal
you will mend
grow new skin
from good strong stuff
will I

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Pencil power by my eldest boy Tom.  We found a hole made by teenagers and their trusty lighters.  Tom put the pencil in there.  He's good.

word soup

Today's list
Marks recording the rhythm line quietness (type of marks: line, modernist blocks of tone) The grid
Space and time response to space environment
dialogue with drawing breaking conventions
Shadow work (daily ritual/time passing...)
Rubbings of trees (daily multiple)
carbon paper
order over chaos order over nature (seeds individually drawn)
INDEXICAL skin of the house (also conversations recorded) /archictect plans
House home machine for living ornament as crime (take some craft back in?) drawing stitch?
Wire outside. Crotched wire... in shape of shadow. Stitched paper sculptures, inside of window reproduced etc.
Use something specific in the house to work from - stitch wise
Language of mark (calligraphic enquiry) mark verses calligraphic code

Sound shapes.  Wind in trees movement animation and car slicing through


Sylvia journal (is a blog in any other sense) Honesty, no secrets or editing

Feet walking enquiry into walking maps footprints sketches of feet walking in time marching pace rhythm collecting marks of footfall.

And trim with a sharpened pencil the branches
that serve no purpose

head full of stuff

Friday, 9 March 2012

In the (National) Trust we trust....

A simple, serene space defined by lines and light. For a few days I responded to this. I found the dead bird on the terrace. I drew some preliminary sketches. I pondered the language of the mark. I imagined the 'text' as a mark representative of function, code and order as is High Cross House; and then I considered the gestural mark, or the trace, as the outside space - unfettered, unpredictable and natural.

I met a fantastic, wonderful, genius, artist the other day who works as a performance writer. Excitedly listened to her describe any mark, including text, as drawing... whole world of dialogue around this opening up to me and low and behold it was born in Dartington..... Serendipity or what? Probably more about this another time.....for now I have to focus.

Something will happen on this terrace. Something will happen that involves the visitors. They come in droves and they are amazing. Full of knowledge and opinion and interest and STORIES. They tell me their stories. National Trust folk - wonderful folk. So I need to respond to them as much as the building.

For now though there is little opportunity to actually draw (because of all the story telling..)
Even less time for quality blogging. So apologies for the unedited random rambling....

Monday, 5 March 2012

Haven't uploaded any new drawings yet.... crazy busy and the universe seems to think now is a good time to pile on the challenges (ie HUGE LIFE PROBLEMS).
This amused me though and I can't seem to post without an image - it seems too naked - so I just tucked it in bad as it is. I did my crossword on the dining table and it accidentally printed out! I have been messing with text and carbon paper.... so this was a delicious discovery. It spoke of grids and random words and language and incidental marks.....
I am at the studio right now. First time I have been here before midday. The sun is beaming right through and it feels completely different to the afternoon light. Need to document the daily shift I think so I'm going to start playing with the shadows in a minute. Also the sounds are strange. The window is sealed really well so not much noise gets through but this quiet sound movement animates somehow. The pulse slow and flowing and then the occasional car slices through down the lane. Trying to respond with marks but I keep reaching for words.....
Quite tempted to play with the digital sound drawing thing again. I really want the response to come from my hand, for it to be my mark but the beauty of employing technology is that you can circumvent the conscious ramblings of the mind and intellect.... they get in the way of a natural response.
Rambling now.... must go and attempt some unconscious mark making...

The Embodied Experience of Drawing 2018

A short glimpse into The Embodied Experience of Drawing  2018 Credit: Stuart Bewsey